Black and White Photographer (due to some colour blindness)
Working on a variety of themes, most of the time in series (of nine) 

Nikon D5500 - Sony RX100iii

Learning to create (digital - Epson SC P800)) prints from my photographs.


Born in 1966, Living in Belgium, near Bruges
Married with Ingrid, father of Judith and Simon

Passionate about books, ceramics (hence the name Keraman), hiking and - of course - photography

In my professional life - Creating extra chances with and for differently abled people at Groep Gidts - three elements have always been crucial:

  • people

  • entrepreneurship

  • innovation



Minimal Landcape - Nord Pas De Calais




Social Media

  • Facebook

  • I left Twitter in 2018 - nothing really worth reading on that platform